A Proper Trap

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A Proper Trap
Event Mission
Avatar Rabblefroth.png
Location: Rabblefroth (Wasteland)
Objective: Turn in 1 Spider Trap.
Reward: 75 Credits
Mission Chain: Dark Harvest Part 2
Bug Bounty > Fact Checking > Black Varium (Mission) > Arachno Rescue > Turkey Trap > Spring The Trap > I Don't Even > A Proper Trap > Arachno Harvest
Mission Text
Before Completion
Did he get the money? I think I popped a vessel sending it!

He didn't know what I was talking about? AHAHAHAHAHAHAH! He's such a kidder. Oh, he gave you a trap? WOW! That's just what we need! I'll send him some more money! Eeeeeeeerrrrrggggg!
After Completion
Phew! Almost blacked out for a second! Anyway, the traps are set! Time to reap the harvest!