Chairman Chomped

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Chairman Chomped
Event Mission
Avatar ChairmanPlatinumWeb.png
Location: Chairman Platinum (Wasteland)
Objective: Turn in 1 Welding Torch.
Reward: Egg Sac
Mission Chain: Dark Harvest Part 1
Chairman Chomped > Arachno Analysis > Further Arachno Analysis > Sample Set > Patience, Please
Mission Text
Before Completion
Get this freakin' web offa me! The indignity! You know what? You can HAVE this bug infested wasteland. Delta V is dead to me! DEAD!

However, I'm not a fan of the idea of ME being dead, so if you can help me out of this mess, I can arrange a small reward. This webbing is some of the toughest stuff I've ever seen. You'll need a Welding Torch to cut me out! I wonder if you can find one in the Varium Mines?
After Completion
Ouch! Hot Hot! Stop! STOP!

I thought this suit was fireproof! You know what, kid? Leave me alone. I've got an Ebilcorp destroyer ready to extract me from this cesspool any time now.

Oh? You want a reward? Have some Spider Eggs! No charge!