Rebel Scum

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Rebel Scum
Permanent Mission
Avatar City Guard.png
Location: City Guard (Central Station)
Objective: ;Challenge and defeat any of the following NPCs 7 times:
Exile Soldier
Reward: 200 Credits
Mission Chain: Battle the Best
Up to the Challenge > A Friendly Wager > Rebel Scum > A Less Friendly Wager > Crackin' Skulls
Mission Text
Before Completion
I can't stand these Exile rebels wreaking havoc with impunity. Do me a favor and eliminate 7 Exile Soldiers, Oz included, and I'll give you a reward. This menace must be stopped! I think one of them took my lunch...
After Completion
Did you find my lunch? No? Curse you Exiles!

Are you sure? Talk to an Exile Soldier again and see if you can get enough credits out of them to buy me another lunch.