The Platinum Problem

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The Platinum Problem
Event Mission
Avatar ElonMusk.png
Location: Elon Musk (Wasteland)
Objective: Turn in 1 Power Cell.
Reward: 350 Credits
Mission Chain: The Ultraloop
Spare Time > A Box of Scraps > The Platinum Problem > Need More Juice > Double Trouble > Stony Tark > The Iron Manhunt > 3D Printing > A Platinum Monger
Mission Text
Before Completion
Ok back to business. While you were gone I managed to engineer a renewable reactor that powers my armor with Varium crystals. Varium is an amazing element that can offer a clean way of powering the entire planet.

Unfortunately, I'm afraid there is "ebil" brewing in the wasteland. It looks like that maniac businessman known as Chairman Platinum has set up a horrible factory in the Wasteland and is extracting massive quantities of Varium. I'm going to need an alternative power source to build you something special to defeat him.

Defeat the Junker, Junker 2.0, or Electro Hazard until one drops its Power Cell.
After Completion
Good work. No more fooling around. I have something special in the works, but it looks like I'm going to need more power.