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EpicDuel Acronyms & Abbreviations

EpicDuel Glossary

Word Definition
ArchKnight A player with moderation powers specific to a forum (or forums) to assist moderators to keep the forum clean.
Artix Entertainment Development company of EpicDuel.
Bounty Hunter One of the starting classes of EpicDuel, wrist blades specific to class.
Blood Mage The evolved class of a Tech Mage, staves specific to class.
Cyber Hunter The evolved class of a Bounty Hunter, wrist blades specific to class.
Defense Reduces received physical damage.
Developer An Artix Entertainment Staff Member who works on development of the game.
Dexterity A stat that boosts defense, increases the chance to block, and enhances certain skills.
Exile An alignment in EpicDuel, opposite to Legion.
Faction A group of players united to complete group tasks. Can be aligned with Exile or Legion.
Focus A special stat obtained by building a balanced character, used to increase robot damage by 40 per focus level.
Juggernaut Battles A battle mode where a single player, called the juggernaut, battles against two opponents 6 to 10 levels below the juggernaut. It can only be accessed if you own Silver Skull Card or Gold Skull Card.
Legion An alignment in EpicDuel, opposite to Exile.
Mercenary One of the starting classes of EpicDuel, clubs specific to class.
Moderator An EpicDuel Staff Member with special powers to enforce the rules.
Non-Varium A player who does not have varium.
Resistance Reduced received energy damage.
Solo (1vs1) Battle A battle mode where a single player battles another player at a maximum of 5 levels below or under their level.
Strength A stat that increases primary and sidearm damage, and enhances certain skills.
Support A stat that increases chance to strike first, critical, deflect, rate of rage, decreases chance to be stunned, and enhances certain skills.
Team Battle A battle mode where a two players battles two other players at a maximum of 6 levels below or under their combined level.
Technology A stat that boosts resistance, robot damage, and enhances certain skills.
Tactical Mercenary The evolved class of a Mercenary, clubs specific to class.
Tech Mage One of the starting classes of EpicDuel, staves specific to class.
Varium A rare crystal substance bought with real money, used to receive an advantage over others in-game.
Acronym/Abbreviation Full Word
Acc Account
Admin Administrator
AE Artix Entertainment
AEF Artix Entertainment Forums
AFK Away From Keyboard
AK ArchKnight
AS Artillery Strike
Assim Assimilation
bb Bye-Bye
bf/bg Bad Fight/Game
BH Bounty Hunter
BM Blood Mage
BT Big Tuna/Battle Tokens
CH Cyber Hunter
Char Character/Charfade
cheevo Achievement
Cindy Cinderella
DA Deadly Aim
Dev Developer
DNs Design Notes
dex Dexterity
ED EpicDuel
EDBS EpicDuel Battle Strategy Forum
EDF EpicDuel Forums (former)
EDGD EpicDuel General Discussion Forum
EDMV EpicDuel Music Video
Eng. Energy
EXP/XP Experience
F4F Fame for Fame
FC Flag Capture/Field Commander
Froth/Rabble/RF RabbleFroth
gf/gg Good Fight/Game
gl Good Luck/George Lowe
HA Hybrid Armor
HP Health
IA Infernal Android
Jugg. Juggernaut
malf Malfunction
mass Massacre
Merc Mercenary
Mod Moderator
non-var Non-Varium
NPC Non-Player Character
NW Nightwraith
OP Over Powered
Phys. Physical
Prac Practel
SA Shadow Arts
Stat mod Stat Modifier
str Strength
ss Screenshot/Surgical Strike
supp Support
Tact. Merc/TLM Tactical Mercenary
tech Technology
TM Tech Mage
UP Under Powered
var Varium
WD World Domination