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Credits are the main currency in Delta V. Credits are used to upgrade items, purchase weapons, armors, robots and achievements, along with vehicles, mission items and more.

The main way to earn credits is to fight in battles. The amount of credits earned per battle depends upon the level of your opponent. Defeating opponents who have higher level than yourself will award more Credits than defeating opponents whose levels are lower than yours. For Team battles, take the sum of your team's levels and compare to the sum of the opposing team's levels.

To increase the amount of credits earned from battles, you can use Credit Boosts or play during Power Hour. Both Credit Boost and Power Hour doubles a player's credits earned for winning a battle.

  • Only 100 NPC wins per day will award you credits.
  • You can also earn credits by selling your items.
  • You do not need real money to get credits.
  • Some missions give credits as well.

Varium is EpicDuel's elite currency, which is only obtainable by purchasing Varium Packages with Artix Points.

Varium is a unique element with the properties of a metal and the qualities of a living organism. Unlike the metals found on the periodic table, Varium “grows” in a fashion similar to plants, it’s molecular structure going through a bizarre synthesis to replicate and increase in size and volume. It would appear that heat is the catalyst for growth, but Varium’s mysteries are far from being entirely unraveled. The most that can be said for this strange and desirable metal is that it is extraordinarily versatile and thusly yields value with no foreseeable ceiling.

This is the in-game Varium Purchase System. This allows you to quickly purchase Varium by using Artix Points. Aside from Varium, packages include promotional weapons.

Varium Packages
Package Price
Promotional Package (10000 Varium) 10000 Artix Points
12000 Varium 10000 Artix Points
5000 Varium 7000 Artix Points
2500 Varium 4000 Artix Points
1250 Varium 2000 Artix Points
500 Varium 1000 Artix Points
  • Users in the early beta stages received 1,000 Varium for joining during the first month. This was only available to people who had an active AQWorlds Membership, a DragonFable Dragon Amulet, a MechQuest Star Captain Upgrade, or an Adventure Quest/WarpForce Guardian or X-Guardian Upgrade.
  • Participants of the EbilCorp War received up to 500 Varium depending on the amount of War Points accumulated.
  • Players who bought enhancements with credits could get 'free' varium by selling the enhanced gear after varium sellback was implemented. This no longer occurs.
  • Certain items received from the Holiday Gift Giving Competition interface can be sold for varium.
  • On December 4, 2017, 536 players received 800 free Varium due to a bug that prevented these players from claiming gifts from the Holiday Gift Giving Competition for two days.