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Greetings, traveller. I'm not sure how I got here or who I am. My mind is so clouded. All I recall is a flash of light, a dark haze, and a thirst for battle.

Can you help me figure out who I am?
Location: Wasteland
Shop: Deuce's Inventory
Missions: Deuce's Missions
Drops: Deuce's Defeat
Tech Blade of Awe E
Tech Blade of Awe P
Stats & Skills
Stats Skills
Level: 40
Health: 2500
Energy: 3000

BloodLust.png Bludgeon.png FieldMedic.png Fire Scythe.png PlasmaBolt.png PlasmaCannon.png PlasmaGrenade.png PlasmaRain.png Overload.png

  • Can be challenged. Awards Deuce's Defeat if defeated.
  • Named after EpicDuel's Guest Artist, Deuce!