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|Name1= [[Seasonal Shipment]]
'''Harrowing Harvest''' can refer to multiple things:<br><br>
|Start1= [[Hank]]
|Objective1= Item Turn-In
|Reward1= 2000 [[Credits]]
|Name2= [[Prowling for Pumpkins]]
|Start2= [[Hank]]
*[[Harrowing Harvest (Achievement)]]
|Objective2= Item Turn-In
|Reward2= 1000 [[Credits]]
*[[Harrowing Harvest (Mission)]]
|Name3= [[Candy Delivery]]
|Name4= [[Ooooo Piece of Candy]]
|Name5= [[Sugar Rush]]
|Name6= [[Electro Light Display]]
|Name7= [[Exterminator]]
|Name8= [[Greendy Harvest]]
|Name9= [[Harvest Companion]]
|Name10= [[Harvest Tradition]]

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Harrowing Harvest can refer to multiple things: