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Faction Influence is a number that represents your faction's power within the world of Delta V. As your faction earns more influence it will rise in the ranks of all the factions on Delta V.

At the end of each day, the Exile and Legion faction with the most influence is awarded World Domination achievement.

Earning Personal Influence

  • Participation in the war. Using war items on the war objectives.

Earning Faction Influence

  • 1v1 Win - 5 Influence
  • 2v2 Win - 15 Influence
  • Juggernaut Win - 15 Influence
  • War Capture - 150 Influence
  • Alignment Victory - 250 Influence
  • Faction 1v1 Champion - 1000 Influence
  • Faction 2v2 Champion - 1000 Influence
  • Faction Jug Champion - 1000 Influence
  • World Domination - 2500 Influence

Losing Influence

  • A faction loses no Influence points if a player leaves the faction.
  • A faction loses 20 Influence points if a player is booted out of the faction. If you boot an inactive member (30 days or more), there is a 50% discount in penalty.
  • A faction loses 20 Influence points if a player runs from a battle or disconnects.