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Omega 1.6.70 - January 9, 2017


  • As per player suggestions, the rating points of Omega Overlord achievement have been increased. The achievement has also been removed from the achievement shop.

Omega 1.6.70 - January 6, 2017


  • Players will now receive a Credit bonus when they level up, roughly equal to the amount of Credits they would have earned before the experience curve changes, made in December.
  • 15000 Varium package promotion has ended.
  • BioBeasts promotional packages have been removed from the varium store.
  • Level of dual NPC opponents in juggernaut has been increased in order to curb botting attempts.
  • Seasonal Rare BioBeasts items have been removed from shops and will return around September 18, 2017. Weapons and armor will be available for credits once they return, while cores will remain varium-only.

Balance Changes

  • Lower level players now have an increased chance of First Strike.
  • Effective level system for Legendary Ranks has been changed. This affects First Strike and Underdog calculations.
    • Dev Note: This change should better reflect the fact that the higher Legendary Ranks are not as powerful as early Ranks, stopping the Underdog buff from penalizing higher leveled Legendary players.
    • Old System
      • 10 Ranks = 1 Effective Level (Rank 50 Legendary = Effective Level 45)
    • New System
      • Rank 1-7 Legendary = Effective Level 40
      • Rank 8-19 Legendary = Effective Level 41
      • Rank 20-35 Legendary = Effective Level 42
      • Rank 36-55 Legendary = Effective Level 43
      • Rank 56-79 Legendary = Effective Level 44
      • Rank 80+ Legendary = Effective Level 45

You may also view the full Release Log.

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