A Bounty Well Deserved!

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A Bounty Well Deserved!
Permanent Mission
Avatar TheonofOdosius.png
Location: Theon of Odosius (Infernal Mines)
Objective: Challenge and defeat Noragh 1 time.
Reward: Yutilian Artifact
Mission Chain: Hunt for the Yutilian Shards
Search for the Primo Shard > Search for the Secondo Shard > Search for the Terzo Shard > A Good Beatin’! > A Bounty Well Deserved!
Mission Text
Before Completion
So, You're still here and you want to tackle this final quest together? I guess you aren't such a low-life after all, huh?

Forget what I said. I need to calm my emotions. Let's get straight down to business. The binding of the 3 shards has awakened Noragh and he appears to be very upset! If we don't stop him now, he'll go rampaging throughout the land. We must defeat him without fail for the loot... and for the safety of Delta V, of course.. Hey! Priorities!

Summon and defeat Noragh through the Yutilian Spire at all costs! Even it costs your life! That I can claim the loot for myself, haha!
After Completion
I guess the mighty Noragh ain't so mighty now, huh? He has fallen in battle and vanished along with the shards. Now, let's crack this rock open already!

This, those, and these are mine and you can have the rest! Yea, I'm picky, so what? I'm rich and that's all that matters! Now don't bother me anymore! Take your share and scram!