A Passer In the Storm

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A Passer In the Storm
Event Mission
Avatar BigTuna.png
Location: Big Tuna (West Naval Yard)
Objective: Win 5 random solo (1vs1), team (2vs2) or juggernaut (2vs1) battles.
Reward: 750 Credits
Mission Chain: Waves of Wrath Part 1
A Passer In the Storm > The Horror in the Eyes > The White Ship > The Horror in the Water > Cosmic Connections > The Doom Came to Charfade > The Madness from the Sea
Mission Text
Before Completion
I like to think I know everyone and everything that lurks these waters. So why is there a creepy boat right on my back porch? Two heads are better than one, though, don'tcha think? Snoop around over there and see what you can figure out.

If you cannot get anything from just observing them, try asking some people instead - or beat them for the info. Unless you can't even handle a fight or two, not that it'd surprise me!
After Completion
There's something very wrong here. It seems they aren't just typical visitors... Man, you may be useful after all.