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This is a glorious time for the Krampus people!
Alydriah's poison has been pushed back for now.
She may return one day, but she now knows
that the Krampus people are strong! She now
knows FEAR!

However, this victory was not easily won. It took
the blood of many of our best warriors to allow
for the The Endless to be summoned. Such an
act can only happen once a generation, yet The
Endless remains tethered to our world. Perhaps
the Outsider scientist Rabblefroth had something
to do with this?

We are free from Alydriah, but the Legion banner
still flies high. I know Aegir's (Edgar Booth's)
heart is good, but I fear the Legion does not
align with our way of life.
Location: Frysteland
Shop: Aldhagrimm's Inventory
Missions: Aldhagrimm's Missions
  • Level 50
  • Could show you the War Plan.