Arachno Analysis

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Arachno Analysis
Avatar Cinderella.png

Event Mission

Mission Details
Location:Cinderella (Biological Preserve)
Objective: Turn in 1 Premium Oil.
Reward: 150 Credits
Mission Chain: Dark Harvest Part 1
Chairman Chomped > Arachno Analysis > Further Arachno Analysis > Sample Set > Patience, Please
Mission Text
Before Completion
What an unusual specimen! Arachnids aren't my specialty, but I'll do my best to help. These eggs seem to be covered by a substance resembling petroleum. I wonder if they were contaminated by the destroyed Ebilcorp Factory.

Could you bring me a small sample of oil to compare? Defeating a Junker in Central Station should yield a decent sample.
After Completion
Interesting! This substance is definitely not oil, but it's nearly as old. My estimates put these eggs at just under a million years old! The liquid must be a preservative to keep the eggs alive for so long!

If you don't mind, I have some more tasks I would like you to complete so I can continue my analysis.