Arachno Rescue

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Arachno Rescue
Event Mission
Avatar Lawman.png
Location: The Lawman (Wasteland)
Objective: Turn in 1 Webbed Soldier A, 1 Webbed Soldier B, and 1 Webbed Soldier C.
Reward: Arcade Token
Mission Chain: Dark Harvest Part 2
Bug Bounty > Fact Checking > Black Varium (Mission) > Arachno Rescue > Turkey Trap > Spring The Trap > I Don't Even > A Proper Trap > Arachno Harvest
Mission Text
Before Completion
What took you so long?! You coulda just sent an email to let me know my daughter was innocent, but I'm glad you're here just the same. I sent my men into the spider's lair and haven't heard anything since! They were good men. Loyal men. Most importantly, they were expensive! Good help is hard to find so if you could bring them back alive I would be much obliged.

Search the beast's den and the Varium Mines for survivors!
After Completion
You brought them back alive but just barely. Their bodies are whole, but their brains are broken to pieces. Whatever they saw down there turned them into jibbering ninnies! I'm at a loss with how to proceed. If brawn and bullets can't do the job, maybe that nutball wizard can. I'm willing to try anything at this point. Talk to Rabblefroth to see if he can help.