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Battletokenicon.png Battle Tokens

This feature was removed in EpicDuel Omega 1.5.20

Battles Tokens are a special type of currency in the game that can be used for a variety of functions, such as purchasing achievements and donating to Capture Points.

Each time a player wins a battle in the game, excluding challenging other players, you will be awarded battle tokens. Some missions also award these tokens.

  • 1 Battle Token is awarded for each 1vs1 win.
  • 2 Battle Tokens are awarded for each 2vs2 or 2vs1 win.
  • Certain missions award Battle Tokens upon completion.

To increase the amount of battle tokens earned from battles, you can use Battle Boosts, which can be purchased in Upgrade Shop. Battle Boost doubles a player's Battle Tokens earned for a certain time (the timer for the boost will be active even if you log off, it will not 'freeze') after purchase.

Battle Tokens can be exchanged for Achievements that can be purchased from the Achievement Shop.

Battle Tokens can also be used to capture and hold Capture Points for your faction. A Capture Point can increase the Influence of a faction by 150 every hour. Battle Tokens can be contributed in batches of 10, 25, 50, 100 or 500. Capture points can be found at