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Hiiiii! I'm your friendly neighborhood robot, Bido!

This looks like an amazing world, and I'd like to learn lots about it!
Location: Afterlife
Shop: Bido's Inventory
Missions: Bido's Missions
Drops: Bido Breaker
Bido's Great Sword E
Bido's Great Sword P
Void Essence
Stats & Skills
Stats Skills
Level: 40
Health: 2000
Energy: 3000
Defense: ??? - ???
Resistance: ??? - ???
Primary: 440 - 460 (Energy Damage) Bido's Great Sword E
Sidearm: 290 - 310 (Physical Damage) Bido's Blaster P
Auxiliary: 290 - 310 (Physical Damage) Bido's Bazooka P
BloodLust.png Blood Lust
BunkerBuster.png Bunker Buster (Level 10)
Berzerker.png Berzerker (Level 7)
DoubleStrike.png Double Strike (Level 5)
FieldMedic.png Field Medic
Fire Scythe.png Fire Scythe (Level 6)
StunGrenade.png Stun Grenade (Level 5)
  • Can be challenged. Awards Bido Breaker if defeated.
  • Named after EpicDuel's Guest Artist, Bido!