Black Varium (Mission)

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Black Varium (Mission)
Event Mission
Avatar Talia.png
Location: Talia (Fortune City)
Objective: Turn in 1 Black Varium.
Reward: 100 Credits
Mission Chain: Dark Harvest Part 2
Bug Bounty > Fact Checking > Black Varium (Mission) > Arachno Rescue > Turkey Trap > Spring The Trap > I Don't Even > A Proper Trap > Arachno Harvest
Mission Text
Before Completion
The analysis of these creatures points to something I theorized about long ago with my former colleague. We called it Black Varium. While normal Varium is valuable in crafting tools and weapons, Black Varium has the power to corrupt and warp organic matter. If Black Varium is real, and I believe it is, these creatures have been saturated by it for thousands of years.

Go into the spider nest in the Wasteland and collect a sample of Black Varium.

Be careful! You could be poisoned just as easily as these creatures were.
After Completion
Fascinating! I shall send this to my personal archives for further study. Tell the Lawman that his daughter is blameless for his plight, but he is in grave danger. Say nothing of the Black Varium. If credits cannot buy your silence, I can find other...more persuasive means.