Can't Tame the Reaper

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Can't Tame the Reaper
Event Mission
Avatar Captain Murdoc.png
Location: Captain Murdoc (Frysteland)
Objective: Turn in 1 Corrupted Yeti Hide.
Reward: Earth Shard
Mission Chain: Frozen Fury Part 1 (Legion)
Change in Command > Ice Race > Spies Abound > Can't Tame the Reaper > Unusual Glyphs > Super Spy > Powerful Dirt > Where's the Beef? > Enemy Spirits > Twisted Love
Alignment: Legion
Mission Text
Before Completion
I've been training up these yetis for quite a while, but I've never seen anything like this. There's something going wrong with the creatures, and it's making them impossible to tame. I think the Frost Reapers are corrupting the other yetis, making 'em wild and ornery.

Find the corrupted Frost Reaper and bring me its skin! Heh heh heh.
After Completion
That'll do Citizen!

Oh hey, after I planted those wild Bio Orchids, this green crystal popped right out of the ground. Craziest thing I've seen in a while! Maybe you can do something with it?