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Before the War, Central Station stretched for several miles in all directions, a massive transit hub that served both travelers and Varium shipping. The station consisted of both Maglev locomotives and airstrips for all manner of airborne means of travel, shipping, and mobilization of armed forces and labor groups.

Central Station was a commercial epicenter. The middle section was essentially an enormous mall of sorts, like many major train stations on Earth had become during the 20th century. At the apex of Delta V’s economic boom, many of the major gathering places resembled Earth in an almost indiscernible fashion. The outer circuit of the Central Station was a sea of concrete landings and causeways with trains screaming by and gliding to gentle stops next to hundreds of anxious travelers and wary laborers heading home after twelve hours working in the Varium mines.

Then the War began.

Central Station went through a disquieting transmogrification. Baelius’ Shadow Guard and Shock Troopers utilized the rails and airstrips to mobilize for battles that spanned the rapidly dying surface of a once beautiful planet. As the war dragged on, more and more automated forces—androids and robotic war-machines—traveled via the rails as well. Central Station was no longer the commercial attraction it had once been. When terrorist’s bombs erupted through the channels allowing travel from one section to another, sealing off many of the different zones, Central Station emptied and became little more than a glorified stop on the way from warzone to warzone.

Now it is a neutral zone for the returned exiles. A safe area, if you will, that is controlled neither by Baelius’ forces nor the sparse alliances that once comprised the now fractured Uprising. Androids work to repair the mighty transit hub day and night, but it is slow work even for machines. The damage was catastrophic during the worst days of the fighting. The fact that some trains can still travel through Central Station unhindered is a miracle. The inhabitants of Delta V still use the limited access decks to board trains to various locations like Fortune City and some of the major Mine Towers, but the impressive web of Maglev railways that once spread across Delta V like an intricate web are no longer in working order. At least not all of them. Some are so heavily damaged that they’re irreparable, even by the deft work of Baelius’ construction androids.

Like dozens of other once magnificent architectural wonders on Delta V, Central Station has become a shadow of its former glory. It is now home only to drifters, returned exiles, and the roaming members of warring Factions.

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