Controlling the Situation

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Controlling the Situation
Event Mission
Avatar Charfade.png
Location: Charfade (Barrens Outpost)
Objective: Turn in 1 Broken Control Panel Part.
Reward: Arcade Token
Mission Chain: Dragon's Return Part 1
Pirate Hunt > Seeking the Answer > Uneasy Feeling > Controlling the Situation > Distraction Game > Bribe or Fight > Severing the Link > Going Solo > Team Player > Into the Fray! > The Revival
Mission Text
Before Completion
Head out to where the Turret Control Panel is located, and see what the fuss was about. Anything that may help us, just bring it here. I don't know what to expect, so it's on you!
After Completion
This is a-Control Panel piece? What were they doing with that? Is Dravax involved in this again? Either way, this isn't good. If the turrets are activated, the barrier around Delta V could end up getting destroyed; we mustn't allow that to happen! Even though the barrier keeps us trapped here, it's the only thing protecting us from outsiders!