Corrupted Beasts

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Corrupted Beasts
Event Mission
Avatar Titan.png
Location: Titan (Frysteland)
Objective: ;Challenge and defeat any of the following NPCs 10 times:
Elite Yeti
Frost Demon
Frost Reaper
Yeti Hulk
Reward: Gold Bell Pair
Mission Chain: Frozen Fury Part 2 - Of Yetis and Hawks
Unruly Crisis > War Wounds > Left For Dead > Corrupted Beasts > Food For Thought > Hunter and the Prey > Yeti Encounter > Lies and Deceit > Juloffenblotten Truce
Mission Text
Before Completion
You say the Legion is NOT responsible for the recent increase in Yeti corruption? It's true that the old corruption machines have been shut down for ages... Hmm...

While my suspicions remain high, my priority is still protecting this land and the Krampus people. It seems another power may be at work here.

Until we can uncover this external force, let's put an end to the misery of the remaining corrupted beasts. For Frysteland!
After Completion
You have done a great deed, helping the Krampus. I will pass the word onto them, and maybe this action will demonstrate the first step toward working together. A real truce between the two alignments, even if it’s only temporary.

In the meantime, have you any idea about the Blood Hawks? We have seen a rare one or two a few seasons back, but they are becoming more common as of late. Have you heard speak of Torgan the Blood Hawk Trainer? His Hawks are vicious birds of prey, and I wouldn’t be surprised if his Hawks are involved in one way or another.