Deseronto et. al.

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Deseronto et. al.
Avatar Necronaut Clemek.png

Event Mission

Mission Details
Location:Necronaut Clemek (Afterlife)
Objective: Challenge and defeat Necronaut Clemek.
Reward: 1000 Credits
Mission Chain: Heartbreaker Saga 2 (Part 2)
Dying to Get Here > Peaceful Solutions > Preventing Paradoxes > Paradox Now > Deseronto et. al. > Chains of Life > Bountiful Blackmail > Tyrant of the Void
Mission Text
Before Completion
Oh, don’t worry about Paz. He’s a little bit high-strung. Frankly, we’re amazed that you’ve survived this long in the Afterlife without protective gear, as well as defeating some of those Void Creatures.

What do you have there? An armor piece? Did you steal that? Such insolence will not stand! Fight me!
After Completion
Perhaps I've neglected my daily exercises for too long. Maybe a few jumping jacks would get the blood flowing…assuming I still have blood. So what are you doing with that armor piece? Blackmail you say?