Editing Requirements

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Content Pages: Dos and Don'ts

  • Do use the proper template. Create Page can help.
  • Do follow the proper formatting.
  • Do use the ShowPreview.png button before saving a page.
  • Don't add notes unless approved by a wiki staff member.
  • Don't create mission pages without both the before and after completion text.
  • Don't use placeholders, such as 'Under Construction,' to 'claim' a page.
  • Don't save a page unless it is complete, including the image.

Images: Dos and Don'ts

  • Do remove all your equipment before screenshotting.
  • Do take images on the BEST quality setting in-game.
  • Do save images as the .png format.
  • Do name images in Upper Camel Case (eg. TitansMug.png).
  • Do include the description for achievement images.
  • Don't include the grey borders for any image.
  • Don't include the interface for area images.
  • Don't resize images if you cropped too much or too little.
  • For help on cropping images: Video Tutorial - Cropping Images
Image Size Requirements
Achievements: 315x165px NPCs: Nearest 5th Pixel
Areas/Homes: 900x600px Robots: 160x150px
Armors: 150x150px* Skill Cores: 150x150px*
Home Items: 300x300px Vehicles: 350x150px
Items: 150x150px* Weapons: 150x150px*
* If necessary, image may be increased in increments of 5px.