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The hierarchy for the EpicDuel Wiki Team is: System Administrator -> Bureaucrats -> Senior Administrators -> Junior Administrators

The System Administrator is responsible for managing and maintaining the systems that ensure the wiki is functioning properly. As the highest ranking member of the wiki team, anything that other staff members are unable to handle should be brought to the system administrator.

Bureaucrats are the second highest ranking members of the wiki team. In addition to all responsibilities of the administrators, they are also responsible for appointing new junior administrators, promoting junior administrators to senior administrators, renaming users and choosing players to receive "rewards" (Lore Master and/or Rabble's Attack Tome). They can be contacted to resolve any issues that the administrators are unable to handle.

Administrators are split into two sub-groups, Senior Administrators and Junior Administrators.

All newly appointed staff members start out as junior administrators. As new members of the wiki team, they are experiencing their responsibilities as a member of the wiki team. Before proceeding with any major changes, a junior administrator should discuss it with a senior administrator and/or a bureaucrat to ensure that the change is acceptable. Once they have consolidated their knowledge of the wiki and have proven they are ready to progress further, they will be promoted to the senior administrator position. Senior administrators are more experienced members of the wiki team. As they are more knowledgeable of the wiki, it is recommended that they be approached for issues, as compared to junior administrators. The responsibilities of all administrators include creating new pages, deleting unnecessary pages, reverting edits, appointing helpers and enforcing the rules by issuing warnings and/or bans.