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Welcome to Orbit X

ED's #1 Juggernaut Faction

Orbit x flag.png

Faction Intro

Orbit X, faction created in Omega. We like competition, and we're ready for anything. 20th place on all time faction 1vs1 champs, 7th place on all time 2vs2 and 1st on all time juggernaut champs!


You most be active and loyal. We are a competitive faction, so remaining active is important unless you have an excuse. If you wish to join, contact any of my members or officers listed below, you can find us everywhere in-game.

Founder Title Last Active Influence
..TheVarmint..The AnimalToday130,731
ScilicetToo SkilledToday23,441
...Bugs Bunny...Whats up DocToday17,049
Sr SavageTrue SavageToday8,416
Ruthless AggressionAbdiYesterday1,015
ll Nightmare llMemberToday46,323
thunderking ZeusMember2 days ago7,514
..Natsu Dragneel..MemberToday6,930
DARIUS199Member2 days ago4,408
Lisa SavageMemberToday3,904
Mortal RedemptionMemberToday1,436
G A M B I TMemberToday1,057
{{{Member12 Name}}}MemberN/A0
{{{Member13 Name}}}MemberN/A0
{{{Member14 Name}}}MemberN/A0
{{{Member15 Name}}}MemberN/A0


Faction Level and Influence

Level 10 - Harbingers - 2,231,139


Orbit X
is aligned with Exile. It has 6 World Dominations and 208 alignment victories.

Solo (1vs1) Wins

Orbit X
currently has 138,279 1vs1 wins, It has 11 1vs1 Championships.

Team (2vs2) Wins

Orbit X
currently has 36,000 2vs2 wins. It has 37 2vs2 Championships.

Juggernaut (2vs1) Wins

Orbit X
currently has 27,719 2vs1 wins. It has 86 2vs1 Championships.