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I...I can't believe we did it! Praise the gods! Praise Aegir!

I can finally rest easily now that Alydriah has been sent back to Fortune City in disgrace. The Legion banner does little to dampen my spirits -- I have seen many banners fly over these lands. Empires crumble and fall with time, but the Krampus people endure!
Location: Frysteland
Missions: Fenris's Missions
Drops: Perfect Ice Gem Tag-rare.png
War Bomb Tag-rare.png
Stats & Skills
Stats Skills
Level: 25
Health: 1750
Energy: 1250
CheapShot.png Cheap Shot (Level 6)
FieldMedic.png Field Medic (Level 2)
StunGrenade.png Stun Grenade (Level 6)
Reroute.png Reroute
  • Can be challenged.