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Former Staff
These individuals have resigned from their duties and are no longer affiliated with Artix Entertainment.
They may or may not currently be playing the game.
Former Developers
Name Previous Positions
BigTuna Former Writer, EDF Administrator and In-Game Moderator
Cinderella Former Writer and In-Game Moderator
Disturbed Former Assistant Artist
Revontheus Former Assistant Artist
Former Moderators
Name Previous Positions
2046808 Former In-Game Moderator and Guest Artist
Ashari Former ED Bugs Head, In-Game Moderator,
Tester and Balance Lead
Auxiliator Former In-Game Moderator
Basicball Former In-Game Moderator and Tester
Clutch Former In-Game Moderator
Colosso Former In-Game Moderator
Das Bose Former EDF and In-Game Moderator
Dax Former In-Game Moderator, ED Q&A Head and ED Battle Strategy Head
Digital X Former In-Game Moderator
Donna Matrix Former AEF Administrator and In-Game Moderator
Dorumon Former ArchKnight and In-Game Moderator
Elf Priest JZaanu Former In-Game Moderator
eVentus Former In-Game Moderator, Tester and ArchKnight
Fay Beee Former In-Game Moderator and Tester
G00NY Former In-Game Moderator and Guest Artist
Grand Dark Former In-Game Moderator
Grun Teufel Former ArchKnight, EDF and In-Game Moderator
IcyGlacier Former Forum and In-Game Moderator
Illuminator Former ArchKnight, Tester and In-Game Moderator
Infern0 Former ArchKnight, EDF and In-Game Moderator
Lafbael Former In-Game Moderator
Lycus Former In-Game Moderator and ArchKnight
Mecha Mario Former Forum Moderator, In-Game Moderator and Head Tester
Misery Former ED Suggestions Head and In-Game Moderator
I Am Mr. Nice Guy Former In-Game Moderator
Occavatra Former In-Game Moderator
Omni Former In-Game Moderator
ORDER Former In-Game Moderator
Practel Former In-Game Moderator, Tester, and ArchKnight
Scott Reese Former EDF and In-Game Moderator
Sundance Former In-Game Moderator
TreadLight Former EDF and In-Game Moderator
Wizeman Former In-Game Moderator
Former Testers
Name Previous Positions
Aqua Dragon Master Former Tester
Dammien Former Tester
Ichi Kurosaki Former Tester
Khimera Former Tester
Odin Fatalis Former Tester
Overlord Drekon Former Tester
Ranloth Former Tester and Guest Writer
ShadeLord Former Tester
Sir ND Mallet Former ArchKnight and Tester
SMGS Former ArchKnight and Tester
Thurop Rekinvale Former Tester
Valoroth Former Tester and Guest Artist
Zuwudo Former Tester
Former Guest Artists/Writers
Name Previous Positions
Assassin Order Former Guest Artist
Hatred Cuirass Former Guest Artist
One Winged Angel Former Guest Writer
Seth Juron Former Guest Artist
Silver Sky Magician Former Guest Writer
SlayerTheKraken Former Guest Artist
Theon Former Guest Artist
Therril Oreb Former PR Liaison
Vorzathiel Former Guest Artist
Vultex Former Guest Artist
Former Forum Staff
Name Previous Positions
Baron Former EpicDuel Q&A ArchKnight
Bassetbookworm Former EpicDuel Battle Strategy Moderator
Circe Former AEF Head Administrator
Elnaith Former AEF Head Administrator
Lectrix Former ED General Discussion ArchKnight
Rabies Former ArchKnight
Ryu Viranesh Former EpicDuel Q&A Moderator
The Game Former EpicDuel Q&A Head Moderator
Former EpicDuel General Discussion Moderator
Therril Oreb Former EpicDuel Balance Head Moderator
Unique Karizma Former ArchKnight
webmaster Former EDF Moderator
ZanpakuTô Former EpicDuel General Discussion Head Moderator