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Administrators ensure that the forums in general function properly.
May also be assigned to specific tasks related to administrating the forum.
Name Position Contact
Scakk Head Administrator Battleon pm.gif
Moderators are responsible for overseeing the forums sections they are assigned to,
as well as the ArchKnights which patrol those sections.
Name Position Contact
Battle Elf EpicDuel General Discussion Head Moderator
EpicDuel Balance Head Moderator
EpicDuel Q&A Head Moderator
EpicDuel Suggestions Head Moderator
EpicDuel Bugs Head Moderator
Battleon pm.gif Twitter icon.png
ArchKnights assist the forum staff by patrolling the sections assigned to them and enforcing the rules.
Name Position Contact
Caststarter ArchKnight Battleon pm.gif
Digital X ArchKnight Battleon pm.gif
Exploding Penguin ArchKnight Battleon pm.gif
Kokujoe ArchKnight Battleon pm.gif
Teufel Hunden ArchKnight Battleon pm.gif
WhiteTiger ArchKnight Battleon pm.gif Twitter icon.png
Wind ArchKnight Battleon pm.gif Twitter icon.png