Frozen Heart

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Frozen Heart
Event Mission
Avatar Edgar Boothe.png
Location: Edgar Boothe (Frysteland)
Objective: Turn in 1 Ice Shard A, 1 Ice Shard B and 1 Ice Shard C.
Reward: Bag of Ice Shards
Mission Chain: Frozen Fury Part 1 (Exile)
The Queen Returns > Frozen Heart > Truth in Character > Yeti Corruption > Outsider Fire > Queen Recon > Krampus Tradition > Conjure the Wind > Shaman Spirit > Double Vision
Alignment: Exile
Mission Text
Before Completion
Ages ago I gave up my Krampus name and adopted an Outsider alias. In the end, you can not escape your past and my frozen Krampus heart has blocked me from returning to the Legion. Ice is my home now and ice is what I require to protect this land.

The Endless will determine the fate of these lands; search Frysteland for 3 Ice Shards so we can begin the summoning process!
After Completion
Protect these shards, keep them secret. If Alydriah discovers what we are doing, she might have me executed for treason. Why she hasn't yet is beyond me, maybe she's not as icy as she seems?