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Hey #CLASS! I just got a shipment of new weapons and I'm itchin' for a fight! You up for it, runt?
Location: Fortune City
Shop: Hank's Inventory
Hank's Inventory (Frysteland) Tag-rare.png
Missions: Hank's Missions
Drops: Crumpet
Hank's Leg
Stats & Skills
Stats Skills
Level: 27
Health: 1600
Energy: 1200
Defense: 260 - 320
Resistance: 190 - 230
Primary: 440 - 490 (Energy Damage) Plasma Mace
Sidearm: 500 - 550 (Physical Damage) Officer Pistol
Berzerker.png Berzerker (Level 1)
BunkerBuster.png Bunker Buster (Level 6)
DeadlyAim.png Deadly Aim
DoubleStrike.png Double Strike (Level 4)
FieldMedic.png Field Medic (Level 2)
HybridArmor.png Hybrid Armor
StunGrenade.png Stun Grenade (Level 5)
  • Can be challenged. Awards Hank's Leg if defeated.
  • Can change your alignment to Exile for 1250 Varium.
  • Can take you to Frysteland.