Holiday Gift Giving Competition

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Holiday Gift Giving Competition is a seasonal event that occurs in the month of December. For the duration of the event, players may claim one free gift per day from the gifting interface that may contain equipment, house items, or a random number of credits.

Players are also able to pay 325 Varium in order to give themselves and every other player in the room a gift (max. 150). Gifts given by players are delivered by in-game mail and may contain between 750 and 1,100 Credits; one Arcade Token; one Void Shard; one of any non-rare limited charge skill cores; or a random gun, auxiliary, or primary equitable by the class at the time that the gift is received. Cores and equipment obtained through gifting can be sold for 1,000 credits each.

Each gift given within 90 seconds of the previous one increases your gifting streak. When on a gifting streak, there is a minimum chance of 2% and maximum chance of 20% to give out a global gift to every player on the server. The chance to give out global gift increases at 15, 30, 45, 70, 100, 150 and 200 gifts given on a streak.


For the 2018 event, each player finishing on the leaderboard will receive a wish. It can be used to wish for something personalised given to their character. The top player can use their wish to work together with the developers to create something from scratch and have the opportunity to share 20 prize codes for replicas of that item.

Previously the top 10 players who had given out the most gifts could be seen on a gifting leaderboard. The top player has usually been awarded an Ultra-Rare item taken from a developer's account and all players finishing the event on the leaderboard have been given an Ultra-Rare unique mount.

Gift Claiming Rewards

Yeti for the Holidays
Achievement Year
Yeti for the Holidays 2014
Yeti for Winter 2015 2015
Yeti for Winter 2016 2016
Yeti for Winter 2017 2017
Yeti for Winter 2018 2018

Gift Giving Rewards

Achievement Year
Good Gifter 2014
Good Gifter 2015 2015
Good Gifter 2016 2016
Good Gifter 2017 2017
Good Gifter 2018 2018
Daily Gift Leader Lvl 1 2018
Gifting Streak 2018

Unique Rewards

Unique Rewards
Item Amount of players to receive the reward Year
Titan's Alpha Maul, Titan's Alpha Daggers, Titan's Alpha Staff, Titan's Alpha Blade, Titan's Alpha Blaster 1 2014
Golden Polar Bear 10 2014
Nightwraith's Alpha Maul, Nightwraith's Alpha Daggers, Nightwraith's Alpha Staff, Nightwraith's Alpha Blade, Nightwraith's Alpha Blaster 1 2015
Platinum Polar Bear 10 2015
Nightwraith's Founder Armor 1 2016
Platinum Battle Yeti 10 2016
Nightwraith's Gamma Bike, Nightwraith's Gamma Bot 1 2017
Cosmic Battle Yeti 10 2017
"Epic Wish" 15 2018