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Jumerna was once an impressive metropolis complete with some of the finest schools and academies on Delta V. Before the War, it was a beacon of intellectual growth and a seemingly perfect balance of spiritual and philosophical interaction. Some of the most productive Varium mines on Delta V skirted the city and served to maintain Jumerna’s healthy economy and impressive infrastructure. Jumerna’s public transit system was even superior to Fortune City’s in efficiency and coverage.

In the first days of the resistance, before The Uprising was established, Alydriah Descarl managed to turn Jumerna from a majestic and brilliant city to a hostile police state, rolling the streets with tanks and power armor and bleeding into the veins of Jumerna’s “Varium Ring” like poison. The towers and schools turned to prisons and interrogation centers. The trains ran prisoners instead of students and miners. A dark cloud hung over Jumerna and it became clear that the coming years would be the most harrowing anyone had ever seen.

Jumerna was eventually surrendered when Alydriah’s Shadow Guard returned to Fortune City to assist in the final defense. There wasn’t much left of its former glory by that point. The tomes and tomes of gathered knowledge had been destroyed by the Shadow Guard. Schools were burned, homes demolished. Jumerna had become the picked over husk of a giant organism ravaged by vicious and ignorant monsters.

Now, after the War and the return of the exiles, there is almost no reason to return to Jumerna other than to lament on the past. It is a sad and broken place where some truly unsavory characters lurk. To venture there is to risk life and limb for nothing but a glimpse at the wasted effort of hundreds of thousands of people who once greeted every day with the hope of a grand legacy for the coming generations of Delta V. The fall of Jumerna is one of the true tragedies of the War.

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