King Alaric

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King Alaric
The King has returned to his rightful throne! Aegir (Edgar Boothe) turned his back on Alydriah and pushed her out of these lands. I wish I could say for good, but someone so vile and petty will surely return for vengeance.

Although Aegir acts as the Legion governor of this region, I am the Krampus King and these are my subjects to protect! Aegir means well with his Legion rhetoric, but I fear his idealism is misguided. Should he overstep his bounds, I will not hesitate to put him in check!

Now, after two wars, the Krampus can finally rebuild their homeland and return to their former greatness!
Location: Frysteland
Shop: King Alaric's Inventory Tag-rare.png
Missions: King Alaric's Missions
Drops: Krampus Totem Tag-rare.png
Perfect Ice Gem Tag-rare.png
War Bomb Tag-rare.png
Stats & Skills
Stats Skills
Level: Boss (Ally Required)
Health: 8000
Energy: 7500

Berzerker.png DoubleStrike.png FieldMedic.png HybridArmor.png PlasmaCannon.png PlasmaGrenade.png StunGrenade.png

  • Can be challenged.