Mining for Memories

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Mining for Memories
Permanent Mission
Avatar Anya.png
Location: Anya (Fortune City)
Objective: Turn in 1 Gold Pendant.
Reward: Arcade Token
Mission Chain: Right Under Ya Nose
Union Membership > Mining for Memories > It's Always A Good Time for Dessert > Watching the Watchmen > Cooking Up a Revolution
Mission Text
Before Completion
Hmmm? You have business with me? Oh, right, I did promise to give you some jobs, didn't I?
Sorry about that - I've been thinking a lot about an old friend recently. A real decent girl, a Tech Mage called Calissa. She and her husband helped me with the transition from miner to freedom fighter. Calissa used to talk about how life would be after the revolution, y'know, about how much she wanted to do. Like revitalising the Wastelands, or raising a family. But she never liver to see the end of the war. I'm trying to recall how she laughed, how we fought together, but somehow I can't think of anything but a metal pendant she'd given me once. It's silly, isn't it, all that time we've spent with each other and the one thing in my head is a stupid trinket.

Do me a favour and dig around in the Mines, will you? You probably won't find anything. Odds are that it's lost or destroyed. But I can't let go till I try.
After Completion
Oh? A gold pendant? Well, it isn't mine - a Shadow Guard must have dropped it on patrol. Always knew they were a bunch of corrupt money-grubbers. It's sweet of you to retrieve it, but it's of no value to me. I have no fond memories of my days in the mines. Life down there was short, nasty and brutish. You got almost no food if you didn't find varium, and if you did, everyone else would jump on you to steal it. We weren't exactly lounging in air-conditioned offices either. Poisonous gas hissing from every crack, drills shrieking like banshees...and thousands of spiders. Spiders the size of your FACE.
I left in fittingly acrimonious circumstances - killed a Legion mole and went on the run. Got a new name, a new job, a new life. And I've never looked back. It's time I got over this stupid pendant too. Calissa would've given me a lightning bolt to the face if she saw me moping around.