Nightmare Fuel

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Nightmare Fuel
Event Mission
Avatar Myxoma.png
Location: Myxoma (Biological Preserve)
Objective: Turn in 20 Nightmare Eggs.
Reward: Lagomorph Battlegear P
Mission Chain: Bundorable Chores
Guinea Pig > Extensive Combat Data > Nuclear Omelette > Adorable Taskmaster > Nightmare Fuel > Earn Your Ears > Egg-citing Adventure
Mission Text
Before Completion
As if our rocket being destroyed into millions of little pieces weren't enough, someone had to steal more of the Nightmare Eggs! Brachylagus managed to find the ones responsible for it, and they are quite creepy - and insane. Slayer, Caden and RabbleFroth have been hoarding Nightmare Eggs for their own scary reasons! Please defeat those scary people and get me 20 Nightmare Eggs from them!
After Completion
What a drag. At least this nightmare is over - maybe someday we will be able to get back home and get off this accursed planet.

I have nothing else left to say. Unless other Lagomorphs need something off you, speak with Brachylagus.