Nightwraith Annihilator (Mission)

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Seasonal Rare
This mission was introduced during a special in-game event or offer and will return if said event occurs again.

Nightwraith Annihilator (Mission)
Avatar Nightwraith.png

Event Mission

Mission Details
Location:Nightwraith (Wasteland)
Objective: Turn in 1 Nightwraith's Armor.
Reward: Nightwraith Annihilator (Achievement)
Mission Chain: A Bold Bounty
Sowing Discord > Petty Tyranny > Both Sides! > Imposter Syndrome > Derpy Despot > Surveillance State > Quickduel > Clash of Legends > Red Dead Nightmare > Nightwraith Annihilator (Mission)
Mission Text
Before Completion
What's this? You showing me my own outfit to mock me? Rubbing salt in a wound is what that is.
After Completion
Enjoy your achievement! Now, leave me be! I can't endure any more mockery!
  • Nightwraith's Armor will not be removed from your inventory when you complete this mission.