No Country for Old Men

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No Country for Old Men
Permanent Mission
Avatar Ulysses.png
Location: Ulysses (Wasteland)
Objective: Turn in 1 Letter to Ulysses
Reward: 3000 Credits
Mission Chain: Rise of the Underworld
Chink in the Supply Chain > Edging Out the Competition > Cutthroat Prices > Imperial Resurrection > No Country for Old Men
Mission Text
Before Completion
What? A letter from the Bazaar? Sorry, I've told the Director that it's all over. I'm not going back. We failed and he has to move on, period.
You say that Zedmyr wrote this? Zedmyr the Marauder? And he wants to revive the Bazaar? That's ridiculous - him, of all people? If you can call him people. Let me read that - there has to be some mistake.
After Completion
This...this is absurd! Including the likes of Shoggoth, Nightwraith and the Lionhart twins in the black market...this is a scheme to build an empire! I'm not having any of this! Look, back then we had to delve into the arms trade to get resources for the refugees, and I left because of it. How many How many of the people we saved were driven out by the weapons we sold? How about the people we didn't? It's completely counterproductive and I told the Director so. And Zedmyr knows it, Zedmyr hated it too, whatever praises he sings of the Director! How could he think that this would solve anything?
...No, he's sharp enough to know that it wouldn't. He's not like the Director and me he's never had the refugees in mind. From the very start it was about a change scenery, about seeing something other than blood and the Barrens. Any good he's done is purely incidental - his motive is simply novelty. The Director thought that he had a heart, that he was sincere about the Bazaar, but...I don't know. I don't trust him and I have y own life to live.
If you survive after breaking the news to him, use these credits for your medical fees.