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Event Mission
Avatar Torgan.png
Location: Torgan (Frysteland)
Objective: Turn in 1 Poem Half A and 1 Poem Half B.
Reward: 750 Credits
Mission Chain: Juloffenblotten Spirit
Nostalgia > Berry Holidays > Tin Soldiers > Tidings of Fighting > The Zest of Life > Costumed Krampus
Mission Text
Before Completion
Year after year these frozen mountains echo with the drums of war. The Krampus and Legion settlers grow weary of the endless bloodshed and strife; we have all but forgotten the joy of this season and lost our most cherished traditions.

As a lad growing up in a small village near Titan's Peak, I fondly recall the legend of Titanfraggr and all the warmth it brought through the long cold of Winter. Years of battle have caused those youthful memories to fade; perhaps you can revive them by finding a written record of this fable? The poem was called, "A Visit from Titanfraggr." We can use this tale to revive the spirit of the season and silence the drums, if but for one day.

I'm sure the Archives may have what I seek, and it may be worth your time to search Titan's Peak as well.
After Completion
I can't believe you actually found the entire poem! Granted, it was in two pieces, but it is sign that we should revive the spirit of Juloffenblotten!