Pirate Hunt

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Pirate Hunt
Event Mission
Avatar BigTuna.png
Location: Big Tuna (West Naval Yard)
Objective: Challenge and defeat Pirate Soldier 5 times.
Reward: 250 Credits
Mission Chain: Dragon's Return Part 1
Pirate Hunt > Seeking the Answer > Uneasy Feeling > Controlling the Situation > Distraction Game > Bribe or Fight > Severing the Link > Going Solo > Team Player > Into the Fray! > The Revival
Mission Text
Before Completion
Yo dude, you made it just in time - Ishmael sure knows how to get in touch with ya! We're in deep trouble, yo. Them Pirates be going insane again, and we need all the help we can get, you get me? Give us a hand man, and defeat a fair share of 'em, allowing us to investigate further.
After Completion
That was coooool! We should be good now with holding 'em at bay. Cheers dude!