Preventing Paradoxes

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Preventing Paradoxes
Event Mission
Avatar Necronaut Paz.png
Location: Necronaut Paz (Afterlife)
Objective: Win 5 random solo (1vs1), team (2vs2) or juggernaut (2vs1) battles.
Reward: 500 Credits
Mission Chain: Heartbreaker Saga 2 (Part 2)
Dying to Get Here > Peaceful Solutions > Preventing Paradoxes > Paradox Now > Deseronto et. al. > Chains of Life > Bountiful Blackmail > Tyrant of the Void
Mission Text
Before Completion
Time is in constant flux in this place. One wrong step and you'll be zipping about through time, meeting yourself and either fighting or falling in love. Actually, real quick, could you win 5 random battles to make sure you aren’t fighting yourself from the past and or future? Try not to kill anyone...that could be bad.
After Completion
You didn’t fight yourself, right? And no falling in love either? Good. That would be odd, indeed! Wait…how do I know that I'M still ME? The ME of the here and now?