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Welcome to the EpicDuel Wiki, a wiki for Artix Entertainment and Epic Inventions's Flash Based MMO - EpicDuel.

Release Log

According to the Design Notes posted on January 6th, 2017, EpicDuel will continue to function normally in 2017 with the continued return of seasonal rares and the reactivated war cycle. The developers of EpicDuel have been assigned to work on AdventureQuest 3D, which means that EpicDuel will receive minimal updates (crucial bug fixes, addition of new war prizes) or no updates at all.

The estimated return dates of seasonal content can be found here: Seasonal Rare
For a full history of EpicDuel's releases, see the Release Log.

Omega 1.6.74 - November 22, 2017


Other Changes

  • All systems were put in place to activate gifting on December 1st.

    You may also view the full Release Log.
Game Information

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