Theon of Odosius

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Theon of Odosius
Hey there brat! It seems ya got enough courage to actually approach me!

I'm Theon of Odosius! A Treasure Scavenger Extraordinaire! You seem fit. Want to run some errands for me? Maybe there'll be a little bit of dough in the end for ya!

Or if you've already got some dough to pass around, and are willing to make some back alley deals, then take a look at my inventory!
Location: Infernal Mines
Shop: Theon of Odosius's Inventory
Missions: Theon of Odosius's Missions
Drops: Theon's Gauss Rifle E
Theon's Gauss Rifle P
Stats & Skills
2500 Health
3000 Energy
Primary: Physical Damage (Theon's Scimitar P)
Sidearm: Physical Damage (Theon's Gauss Blaster P)
Auxiliary: Energy Damage (Theon's Gauss Rifle E)

BloodLust.png Bludgeon.png FieldMedic.png Fire Scythe.png Multi-Shot.png Overload.png PlasmaBolt.png PlasmaCannon.png Reroute.png StunGrenade.png

Awards Theon Slayer achievement if defeated.