Theon of Odosius

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Theon of Odosius
Hey there brat! It seems ya got enough courage to actually approach me!
I'm Theon of Odosius! ATreasure Scavenger Extraordinaire! You seem fit. Want to run some errands for me? Maybe there'll be a little bit of dough in the end for ya!
Or if you've already got some dough to pass around, and are willing to make some back alley deals, then take a look at my inventory!
Location: Infernal Mines
Shop: Theon of Odosius's Inventory
Missions: Theon of Odosius's Missions
Drops: Theon Slayer
Theon's Gauss Rifle E
Theon's Gauss Rifle P
Stats & Skills:
2500 Health
3000 Energy
Primary: Physical Damage (Theon's Scimitar P)
Sidearm: Physical Damage (Theon's Gauss Blaster P)
Auxiliary: Energy Damage (Theon's Gauss Rifle E)

BloodLust.png Bludgeon.png FieldMedic.png Fire Scythe.png Multi-Shot.png Overload.png PlasmaBolt.png PlasmaCannon.png Reroute.png StunGrenade.png

Awards Theon Slayer achievement if defeated.