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Ulysses is a sad story.

Not much is known about his beginnings on Delta V other than the fact that he was a renown artist and engineer from wherever it was he migrated to the Varium rich planet.

A Legion Affiliate during the war, Ulysses was charged with designing an Advanced Android Weapons Platform for the purpose of bolstering Baelius' already intimidating robotic military. Unfortunately, Ulysses designs were considered gaudy and wasteful by Baelius, whose love of the efficiency of all things mechanical was well-known. The idea of an artful machine was appalling to the planet's industrious dictator, thus the project was scrapped and Ulysses was reduced to mere maintenance duties.

Ulysses bore a seething hatred for Baelius after his demotion but kept it buried, biding his time until the moment arose when he would punish the boss of Delta V for scorning a master artisan.

The match that lit the fire is unknown but some say that Ulysses discovered something truly evil about Baelius' intentions; something to this day that is rumored to be known only by he and Oz, and he decided to wait no longer to act on his feelings of revenge. The beginning of the War had postponed the destruction of Ulysses' beautiful android battalion, and the artist reactivated his sleeping warriors for a final charge against the man that would have them wiped from Delta V without ever an admiring eye settling on their graceful forms.

With the help of his robot army, Ulysses fought floor by floor, trying to reach the "throne room" at the top of Baelius' tower. He managed to mount a devastating assault, but his forces were simply too little and with the War at its peak, Baelius' defenses were on full alert. The most powerful Tech Mages under Baelius' command resided inside the tower and they worked in tandem to bring down Ulysses' majestic army. They kept Ulysses alive, though. Baelius had other plans for him.

They tortured him nearly to death, severed his dominant arm, and removed his eyes so that he could never create art or see beauty again.

Ulysses' mind and body were strong, though. He crawled through the wasteland where he was picked up by a benefactor who would become one of his closest friends. Together they would repair Ulysses' body and restore some semblance of vision to his empty eyes, and greater still, they founded the Bazaar in the barrens, which would be a safe haven for those who fought in the War and wanted to live outside the iron grip of Baelius' and his Administrators.

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