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The Doctor
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I am The Doctor of EpicDuel. I've been working on the Wiki since very early on. I began the goal to have the Wiki officially recognized by Artix Entertainment, and was eventually successful in that regard. I am also responsible for the creation of the Lore Master Achievement, which is a token of appreciation for our dedicated workers here.

As of late, I have been less active in my role here. A simple reason for that is that, once established, a Wiki more or less runs itself. To any users reading this: help out to make that true.

I have also become less interested in the game itself. Believe me, I am far from leaving completely; retirement sucks. However, I will much be playing a lurking part in ED Wiki's further development. Don't worry too much though, I'm hard to get rid of, and I'll be here when it counts.

Well, that's all for now. Up the irons, EpicDuelists.

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