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I don't claim to fully understand you or your
ways, but I know that you hate and fear Alydriah
as much as my people do. She has defiled our
ancestral home, spilled the blood of our brothers
and sisters, left us widows and orphans. She has
destroyed my husband's crown and taken the
Shaman captive in her prison of ice. We must
make her face her sins.

We Beast Riders still have a few tricks up our
thermal-lined sleeves. I can train your Warrior
Yeti into an Omega Yeti, or if you're willing to
spare some Varium to help with Krampus relief, I
can part with an Omega serum for an instant
Omega Yeti.
Location: Frysteland
Shop: Ylwa's Inventory
Missions: Ylwa's Missions