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Epicduel azrael battlepass preview 01202023.png

Omega 1.8.798 - January 20, 2023

Balance Changes

  • Tactical Mercenary
    • Barbed Grenade: Lowered str requirement by 8.
    • Toxic Grenade: Improves every 2 supp → 1.5; requires 16 str, +3 per level (43 max).
    • Force Field: Added supp scaling; improves 1 point every 10 supp.
  • Blood Mage
    • Blood Shield: Add supp scaling; improves 1 point every 8 supp.
  • Cyber Hunter
  • Bounty Hunter
    • Cheap Shot: 25% heal reduction → 20%; new NPC version without a passive swapped on all NPCs with Cheap Shot.
    • Multi-Shot: Improves every 0.32 dex → 0.3; base values 205, +25 per level (430 max); 3 turn cooldown → 2; gain 15% damage to energy (only applies to 1 target).
    • Reflex Boost: Improves every 2.5 supp → 3.5 dex; converts 15% damage received to energy.
    • Stun Grenade: Improves with dex → supp; increased energy cost by 60 (255 max); requires 24 Dexterity +2 per level (42 max).
    • Static Grenade: Improves every 0.6 supp → 0.8; buffed base values by 10.

Bug Fixes

  • Darkeater's Overcharge and Darkeater's Defiance were flipped in their database definitions which was causing Overcharge to switch to Defiance when replaced on an armor. It was also causing Overcharge to freeze battle when it was attempted to be used. Armor cores should be correct on future purchases, and existing armors after the change should have the appropriate working core.
  • Battlebot
  • Double Strike: Added Deflection reduction effect to debuff; different version created for NPCs without a debuff.
  • Necrotek Executioner P / E, Necrotek Scythe P / E: Can be sold.
  • Repaired missing assets from skill icons.

Other Changes

Omega 1.8.797 - January 14, 2023

Balance Changes

Bug Fixes

Omega 1.8.796 - January 13, 2023


PvP Drops

Balance Changes

Bug Fixes

  • Skills that raise Support by a flat value stack correctly. Previously, combining Support buffing skills like Field Commander and Growth Serum would appear to apply correctly on the stats page, but would not apply benefits to Support-improved skills like Field Medic.
  • Updated Berzerker's description from "Attack an enemy three times for massive damage" to "Attack an enemy for massive damage".

Other Changes

  • 4 new Necrotek weapon theme hairstyles have been added (#555-558).

You can view all of the release history in the Release Log.

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Machaon Announcements.png Updated Listings and New Event Pages December 30, 2022
by Machaon

Season's Greetings, kind visitor!

I'm proud to announce that the main listings found on the left-side navigation panel (Weapons, Armors, Robots, Vehicles, Achievements, etc.) are now up-to-date, as well as most of their respective Image Directories (I am still working on the Achievement Image Directories Complete: Achievements/Image Directory2). You may notice that the Weapon Image Directories now use transparent PNGs instead of in-game screenshots, which were useful for demonstrating their size relative to your character. Although both types of images are great in their own ways, this was done because we now have a far more complete collection of the former.

Additionally, the Tag-seasonal2.png tag has been reinstated after years of being lumped with the Tag-rare.png tag. Hopefully, this will be useful while browsing! I've attempted to check that all tags are used accurately on the main listings, though I have yet to go through the shop pages for errors.

Finally, you have likely noticed that dedicated guides/pages for all limited-time events in EpicDuel are slowly being built, a fairly ambitious project spurred to action by the new Battlepass feature, designed to be helpful and to document the game's rich history. You will find these under the Quick Guides section, just below this announcement. The last main type of event to be done are the Seasonal Events, which are challenging due to their sheer volume of content but will hopefully be dealt with in time.

That said - while it's been impossible for some time now to keep the entirety of site as polished and up-to-date the way it was in the starting years, I am always thinking of more ideas to improve it. Thank you for still using EpicDuel Wiki!

You can view past announcements on the Announcements page.

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