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• Limited-Time Events are ongoing as usual and they include Battlepass seasons, War cycles, PvP Drop Events and Seasonal Events with regular intervals
• Please be aware that due to current lack of time to update fast enough, some information might be still be unupdated • If so, then please check the current events in-game or from Design Notes

The estimated return dates of seasonal content can be found here: Seasonal Rare
Permanent limited rares can be found here: Limited Rare
For a full history of EpicDuel's releases, see the Release Log.

Omega 1.8.817 - September 22, 2023




Other Changes

  • Battlepass experience prize decreased to 325
  • To expedite match times, high level NPCs can now join automatches
  • Acatriel's level has been increased to 41 in regular battle
  • Necronaut Clemek and Necronaut Paz health reduced from 5200 to 2200
  • Juggernaut victories now count towards 2vs2 missions

Omega 1.8.816 - August 25, 2023

Balance Changes

Other Changes

  • Starting from this update, all new characters will start with 500 free Varium and an additional 5000 Credits
  • All existing characters have also received 500 Varium and 5000 Credits

You can view all of the release history in the Release Log.

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Skill Cores

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