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This mission was introduced during a special in-game event or offer and may no longer be available.

Event Mission
Avatar Edgar Boothe.png
Location: Edgar Boothe (Frysteland)
Objective: Challenge and defeat Elite Yeti.
Reward: Elite Yeti Horn
Mission Chain:
Rabble's Vendetta > Food for the Gods > Cold Comfort > New Allegiance > I AM A KRAMPUS > The Torch Passes
Mission Text
Before Completion
Thank you, Outsider, for your assistance in this matter. Alydriah has offered a fight that will bring about the least bloodshed -- our Endless and a champion against her Elite Yeti. If we win, she has promised to release Grandmother alive. I can now perform the ritual on the Summoning Stone to allow the Endless to accompany you in battle.

Go quick and smite the fiend that we may expel this poison from Frysteland.
After Completion
You've done it! But what a price I have paid -- not only am I betraying Alydriah, my Lady, but this is the last time in my life I will be able to summon the Endless. Bring your token of your victory to Aldhagrimm! It will surely lift her spirits after this ordeal.