Another Signal

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Another Signal
Event Mission
Avatar Mirv.png
Location: Mirv (Barrens Outpost)
Objective: Turn in 1 Solar Collector E.
Reward: 1500 Credits
Mission Chain: Corporate Overlord Part 2
Poor Synergy > Faulty AI > Another Signal > It's a Living > Extended Contracts > Dragonoid Defection > Hidden Signal > Network Outage > Complaints Department > Lucrative Partnership > Five Year Plan
Mission Text
Before Completion
Something is controlling these Dragonoid Spawn, and I don't think it's the Dragonoid Brain! I've noticed some REALLLY weird energy fluctuations in the Barrens lately. It's been too dangerous for me to travel outside alone, but if you could poke around outside to find the source of the energy flux, I would be very grateful!
After Completion
Solar Collector? Like the ones in Frysteland? How do I know? The Krampus Tech and I post on the same forums. I think I can guess who's building them out here.