Antagonistic Analysis

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Antagonistic Analysis
Event Mission
Avatar Mirv.png
Location: Mirv (Barrens Outpost)
Objective: Win 25 random solo (1vs1), team (2vs2) or juggernaut (2vs1) battles.
Reward: 15000 Credits
Mission Chain: Hunter of Nightmare Part 2
Signal Seeking > Silent Scavenger > Dragonoid Dissection > Marauder Balk > Bargain Brain > Antagonistic Analysis > Drone Distraction > Charfaded > Malevolent Mirv > Dragonoid Essence
Mission Text
Before Completion
I THOUGHT I could work in peace, but there's still too much rabble milling around outside! Maybe 25 PvP battles would help clear the Barrens while I work and listen to my tunes!
After Completion
That's good! That's good! Nice and quiet! Just a bit more time!